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Doruk Health Care Group Hospitals

Doruk Private Yıldırım Hospital Doruk Healthcare Group, was founded 14 years ago.

Doruk Private Bursa Hospital Doruk Private Bursa Hospital was built in 1971, it was the first and the only private hospital in Bursa in 2006.

Doruk Private Medical center In 1998, Doruk Medical Center come into the service at the “ihtisas intersection” in Yıldırım District, Bursa.

Doruk Medical Center The second Medical center Of Doruk Group

Coming Soon Doruk Group will have the newest most developed Medical clinic in europe by the end of 2019

Our Services

  • Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery And Cosmetic Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Bariatric Surgery

  • Dentistry

  • Orthopaedics

  • Cardiology/Heart Treatment

  • Neurology and Neurosurgery

About Us

Medicatour was established in 2012 Bursa-Turkey, and it was engaged strongly in Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry. Aiming for Excellency, we took our first steps by choosing the best hospital to work with: which is equipped with the latest medical technologies alongside with the best-experienced medical team and doctors.
Our Mission : We care about our patients satisfaction and self-confidence as we are fully aware of the “need for change” into our patients’ lives, therefore, understanding our patients’ anxiousness, feelings, reasons, and to deliver them the best results, made our first priority, A new look for a new life, “To be as You Like”.
Our Values : Reliable Healthcare Patient and Employee Oriented Service Continuous Development Obedience to Ethical Values

All you can know about Doruk Group Doruk started providing their services as a small medical center in 1998, Bursa. Since the day they began to actively serving you, Doruk have grown strong and big with the help of their experienced great specialists. Doruk have tried their best to be the most faithful “friend” of you and to distinguish you by means of your health with the motivation and inspiration of their slogan; “We value your wellness; we distinguish your health.”. Many newborns have opened their eyes for the first time in their hospitals and “began a new life” as well as they have looked after many of their patients while they heal them.

Doruk Is A Very Well Known Medical Corporation In Bursa As a local medical establishment, they reflect the concept; “Bursa's Hospital”. Serving the people live in Bursa, their healthcare group have always had a strong emotional bond with them within the “Doruk Private Bursa Hospital” that is involved in their group. Likewise, their first hospital has always pushed the limits, accordingly has been the best in their opinion. Their expectations for the future is promising since they integrate their patient oriented perspective with their service quality.

Doruk Mission : Providing healthcare services of good quality to the society with the help of cutting edge medical technologies without conceding the ethical principles, and respecting the patient rights in the medical services we have specialized.
Doruk Vision : To be renowned as “Doruk Healthcare Group” at both National and International platforms in terms of providing quality services.

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